MAJA VS 07 Flake Ice Weighing and Batching

Advanced control over the addition of ice for superior dough processing

  • Significantly increases efficiency of dough processing
  • Improves speed and accuracy when adding flake ice
  • Greatly enhances hygiene standards
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you increase efficiency and accuracy in the dough making process.

Full process automation

Traditionally, ice is added during the kneading process by scooping and weighing flakes manually. The MAJA VS 07 automates this process. It automatically produces, stores and distributes the exact amount of required flake ice directly into your mixers, at precisely the right time. It significantly reduces the manual workload allowing you to increase the speed and accuracy of your dough production.

Optimum freshness and quality

Depending on your requirements, one or two MAJA flake ice machines can produce ice directly into the MAJA VS 07’s compact silo system. It has a capacity of up to 300 kg and is designed so that ice is stored for the shortest possible time and can always be added when it is at its freshest to create the highest quality dough. Manual handling of the ice flakes is completely avoided, which greatly improves hygiene standards.

Precise portion control

Inside the silo there are discharge screws, which dispense batches of ice to a predefined weight with the highest accuracy. Both the size of the batch of ice and the discharge cycles can be individually defined by an operator or the system can be integrated into your production line and managed by recipe control software.



Silo VS 07  
Batching performance approx. 10 kg in 24 sec.
approx. 20 kg in 40 sec.
Weighing accuracy approx. 250 g
(depending on ambient conditions)
Temperature range min. +2°C
max. +15°C
Total silo width 1561 mm
Depth 2455 mm
Height 2130 mm
Electrical connection
3,30 kW
Compressed air
6 bar
10 liters/min.
Weight 1150 kg

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