• Easy operation
  • For integration in refrigeration circuits
  • Ideal cooling for versatile food applications
  • Suitable for various ice storage and handling solutions
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The MAJA NAC Nugget Ice Machine with self-cleaning system and the MAJA NAS Nugget Ice Machine standard version, are two lines available to meet individual ice requirements, offering an ice output ranging from 300-970 kg/24h. The MAJA Nugget Ice Machines are designed to supply fresh ice for various cooling applications in bakeries, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, catering businesses and for some non-food applications.

Machine structure: Without a condensing unit, for connection to an external refrigeration unit or a multicompressor circuit.

Refrigeration: For fluorinated refrigerants R449A (GWP 1397), R452A (GWP 2141), R404A (GWP 3922)



NAS: without self-cleaning system
NAC: with integrated self-cleaning system for an improved ice sanitation level


Subframes and wall consoles:For individual installation options in each location

Ice transport carts:For ice transport and storage

Ice storage silos:For hygienic ice storage;
special silo solutions with automatic ice extraction

Control Panel ON/OFF:With 5m or 10m cables for remote start / stop function of the ice production. The self-cleaning system can also be started by the remote control panel.

Ozone degermination system:Best-possible hygiene conditions already in the water inlet

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