• Hygienic ice production for food-safe refrigeration
  • Split installation of flake ice producing and refrigeration unit
  • Ideal solution for high ambient temperatures
  • Wide range of customized accessories and options
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The flake ice lines MAJA RVH-L (for standard temperatures) and the MAJA RVH-LT (for higher temperatures) offer a wide choice of ice producing units, ranging from 250kg ice output up to 12,000kg every 24 hours. This split version is the ideal solution for all installations where the ice-producing unit and the condensing unit must be installed in separate locations. For example in fish and meat processing companies, bakeries or supermarkets and various non-food applications.

Hygienic, food-safe ice production

MAJA flake ice machines are labeled HY-GEN protected. This stands for excellent sanitary conditions:

  • Easy access to cleaning relevant parts from all sides without the use of tools
  • Easily removable, round plastic water tank
  • Water tank without built-in parts, angles, edges and screws, allowing for easy and thorough cleaning
  • Automatic water pipe rinsing after 24 hours without ice production
  • Special hygiene advantages in accordance with the German drinking water regulations


  • Separate condensing unit in weather protection housing in galvanized steel Silent, solid and service-friendly solution with good access for maintenance
  • RVH 9000 /12000 L/LT consist of two separately operated rotating evaporator units for individual control of ice output, according to varying needs and high operational safety
  • Made for operation with the fluorinated greenhouse gas R449A (GWP 1397) 
  • Supplied without refrigerant filling. The refrigerant charge and the resulting CO2 equivalent (CO2e) must be determined during its startup
  • Air-cooled condensing unit in L or LT version for different ambient temperatures
  • With heat exchanger for optimum energy efficiency
  • Electronic condenser fan speed regulator for automatic adaptation to variable ambient temperatures

Easy operation for convenient ice handling

  • Easy operation by control panel ON/OFF for remote operation
  • Control panels with program functions are optionally available
  • Reliable SPS control unit
  • Solid machine structure, frame and housing in stainless steel




Temperature range
air-cooled condensing unit L / LT (R449A)

RVH-L line

Temperature range of air-cooled condensing unit L
approximately -15°C to +38°C

RVH-LT line

Temperature range of air-cooled condensing unit LT
approximately -15°C to +42°C


Water-cooled execution of separate condensing unit
for a temperature difference tIN/tOUT approximately 10-20K


Refrigeration of separate condensing unit by heat transfer medium or water for a temperature difference
tIN/tOUT of approximately 5K (tmin -8°C)



Patented fully automatic self-cleaning system MAJA-SCS:
For time-saving and optimum hygiene safety by automating the cleaning process

Ozone degermination system:
Optimal hygiene conditions already in the water inlet

Control Panel Timer with timer function:
Freely programmable ice production and cleaning cycles

Winter mode:
For ambient temperatures between -15°C and -40°C

Special coating for condenser fans:
For installation in aggressive (salt-laden) sea air

Wide range of accessories and options allow individual machine installation:
Subframes, consoles for wall fixation, chutes, ice level sensors, ice transport and storage solutions, flake ice silos and ice batching solutions

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