Oil Pressure-Reducing Valves

  • Oil moving from the oil separator to the oil reservoir or oil level controls is at a higher discharge pressure. This pressure must be reduced to a pressure slightly higher than the compressor crankcase.
  • To maintain proper oil return, each of the oil system components must be selected according to the requirements of the overall oil control system.
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High Pressure System: A-7 or Y1236C Valve

  • If your system has an oil separator with a built-in oil reservoir, you will need one of two models, depending on your system: either an A-7, a constant outlet pressure valve, or a Y1236C, a variable-outlet pressure valve.
  •  The majority of Temprite 920R Series users monitor the oil back to the oil level control via the A-7 pressure-reducing valve set to the desired pressure.
  • The Y1236C is designed for high-pressure oil return systems, or other situations where a differential pressure regulator is required.

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