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The PTHSC-08/16 provides dual function of monitoring and controlling pressure/temperature/humidity for up to 8/16 inputs. Fast response time and accurate measurement makes this device perfect for Precise Control. It supports RS-485 Modbus communication for seamless interfacing and monitoring to DCS/SCADA systems.



Power supply: 230VAC / 110VAC / 24VDC*
Display: 16X2 LCD
Auto/Manual Mode: Auto mode as per scan time (0-99Sec)
Manual Mode Advance by Keypad.
No. of Inputs 8 / 16 Nos.
Inputs & Ranges Temperature (PT100 / PT1000): -50 to +150˚C
Humidity (4-20mA): – 0 to 100%RH
Pressure (4-20mA): – -1 to 5Bar, -1 to 10Bar, -1 to 25Bar
No. of Outputs 8 / 16 Relay outputs (1 output for each input)
Output type: SPDT Relay. Rated current – 5A @ 230VAC.
Resolution: Pressure – 0.1 Bar
Temperature – 0.1°C
Humidity – 1 %RH
Enclosure: IP54
Enclosure Mounting: Panel mounting
Parameters Displayed: Pressure (Bar)
Temperature (˚C)
Humidity (%RH)
Set Points for each channel
LED Indications: Each Relay Output
Communication: RS485 Modbus

* Voltage to be specified while ordering.

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