Type – MEPCS-01


The Manik “Emergency Pressure Control System”, MEPCS-01 is designed to maintain strict safety in refrigeration plants. The controller provides a 2 level system to alert the plant operators/personnel and also operate safety systems in case, the system pressure goes beyond the set critical pressure. This controller is designed as per AAR Standard 1.

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  • Precise pressure indication and control.
  • 2 Level Alarm and control system.
  • Inbuilt High dB Hooter for Alarm Indication.
  • Heavy duty Relays Rated 10A for direct interfacing to safety systems, eg. Sprinkler systems, exhaust fans.
  • 4 Digit ½” Bright LED Display for Parameter and Settings display and control.
  • Robust IP65 enclosure for installations in outdoor environments.

Product Specification

# Parameter Specification
1 Power Supply 230VAC, 50/60Hz, ±10%
2 Display 4 Digit ½” LED Display
3 Pressure Input Range -1 to 25 Bar.
4 Resolution 0.1 Bar
5 Output Relays 10A @ 230VAC, Resistive Load.
6 Alarm Levels 2nos, configurable over full range.
7 Inbuilt Hooter Sound Level – 80 dB.
8 Enclosure IP55 Panel mounting
IP65 Wall mounting


The MEPCS-01 has a single pressure input which constantly monitors the pressure of the equipment over which it is installed via a pressure transmitter. The Controller is preconfigured at 2 pressure levels. When the 1st pressure level is reached, the controller gives an alarm, via the inbuilt hooter, to warn the plant operator about the increasing equipment pressure. If the pressure increases further and reaches the 2nd level, then the 2nd Relay operates and activates the safety system such as sprinklers or fans to prevent the hazard from taking place.
The controller is designed to give precise control over the pressure range and the user can define the hysteresis levels as per plant requirements to avoid constant switching ON/OFF of the equipment.



Ordering Info:

Item Weight
MEPCS-01-PM (Panel Mounting) 1.5kg.
MEPCS-01-WM (Wall Mounting) 1.2kg.

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