FUNCTION – To maintain a constant, but adjustable flow rate and to act as a check valve. Has flanged connections

TYPICAL APPLICATION – Maintain constant flow rate of liquid to an evaporator on an ammonia overfeed (recirculating) system. For use with R717, FRVA will only serve as check valve during hot gas defrost. Not recommended if liquid is substantially warmer than the evaporator temperature.

Thông tin sản phẩm


  • External Adjustment
  • Easy Setting Scale
  • Eliminates System Balancing
  • Integral Check Valve
  • Frost Free' Neck
  • Design Pressure (MWP): 27.6 bar (400 psig)
  • Available up to 400 TR systems.
  • Automatic Flow Regulator, is used as a liquid control device for Ammonia Overfeed Systems.
  • This Automatic Flow Regulator, once set, maintains a constant flow rate of liquid to the evaporator. It also serves as a check valve to prevent back flow into the liquid line from the evaporator during pressure reversals which occur during hot gas defrost.


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