920R Series: Accessible

Compatible with Ammonia (NH3)* and Subcritical CO2

Ammonia (NH3) Compatible*

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Compatible with Ammonia (NH3)* and Subcritical CO2

The 920R Series is compatible with ammonia (NH3)* and subcritical CO2 and designed for 44.8 bar (650 PSI). (For subcritical CO2 above 44.8 bar, see 130 Series.)


High Efficiency = Clean & Green Systems

The 920R Series of coalescent oil separators are designed to make refrigeration systems clean and green by lowering energy costs and reducing carbon emissions.

  • Higher efficiency means better heat transfer through the coils, translating into significant kW savings.

The 920R Series is not dependent on velocity for efficiency.

  • Coalescent oil separators maintain the same level of effectiveness down to 20% of maximum flow.

Every 920 Separator performs with equal efficiency in all types of systems:

  • in ultra-low temperature applications;
  • even or uneven multiplex systems, dual suction systems, low, medium and A/C; and
  • during refrigeration load shifting/matching.

Ammonia (NH3) Compatible*

920R Series separators are ammonia (NH3) compatible and designed for 650 PSI. Ammonia is a cleaning agent, meaning more dirt is removed from the system and deposited in the filter. 920R separators offer easy accessibility to the filter for changes. Other products require disassembling and re-welding the separator just to change the filter.
*To order ammonia-compatible models, change the last three digits of the part number to “717.” Example: 092600000 changes to 092600717. Check with Temprite for metric sizes.

Unique Contaminant Removal System

Dirt, contaminants and excess refrigerant oil are the biggest energy drains on any refrigeration system. New refrigerants coming onto the market have a solvent effect, meaning more contaminants than ever can clog your system.

  • Temprite’s Standard Filter technology cleans contaminants down to 0.3 microns in size.

Eliminating solid contaminants and excess oil enhances the entire system’s performance.

  • Thermostatic Expansion Valves (TXV) work more efficiently.
  • Desiccant in the drier shell is more effective when not logged with oil, preventing moisture from being absorbed.
  • Solid contaminants are harmful to sensors and other delicate components.

Large-Scale Refrigeration Cost Savings

Energy savings scale up with larger systems. In large parallel rack/multiplex systems with long lines, dirt and excess oil put a greater drag on the system.

  • Both problems are eliminated with the 920R Series separators, increasing system capacity and efficiency and lowering energy costs.

“R” is For Reservoir

An oil reservoir is built into each 920R Series coalescent oil separator. The built-in reservoir reduces piping, components and potential leaks and creates a stable, high-pressure oil system.

  • Because the oil reservoir is built-in, 920R Series separators do not have a float.

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