Isothermal Door

The Dagard isothermal door is specifically designed to withstand these environments. Made of steel, lacquered aluminium or stainless steel, it is particularly robust and provides perfect thermal insulation. It is also designed to be simple to install and easy to maintain. This last point contributes to an optimized life span.

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An isothermal door that adapts to all environments

The Dagard isothermal door can be used in all types of environment: isothermal enclosures, cold rooms, etc.

Very frequently used, Dagard’s isothermal doors are designed to withstand repeated opening and closing, aggressiveness of the surrounding environment, the often severe cleaning conditions and shocks.

They must combine the criteria of insulation and resistance in both the “Commercial Refrigeration” and “Industrial Refrigeration” sectors.


The isothermal door, the best ally of your isothermal enclosure

The door is a key element in ensuring the efficiency and maintenance of the right temperature within your isothermal enclosure. It is therefore important to select the closure that best suits your installation: 

– Pivoting door: a ‘classic’ door to allow the passage of small trolleys or staff.
– Sliding door: a “space-saving” door to allow the circulation of trolleys of all sizes.
– Service door : a semi-isothermal door to allow frequent passages.
– Traffic door: a semi-isothermal door to facilitate movement.

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