Hospital System

Curbing contamination, our major concern

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Complying with hygiene and safety concerns

Dagard designs specific solutions for hospitals where cleanliness standards are getting higher and higher everyday. Our premises are devised to facilitate your fight against nosocomial infections and enable you to sterilize your medical devices in the cleanest conditions. Our building materials do not generate particulate contamination. Our solutions aim at providing hygiene and comfort for the well-being and the safety of patients and medical staff.


Two lines adapted to your working environments

The Dagard solutions, i.e. partitions, ceilings, doors, glazing and accessories, combine industrial design and strength. With our totally flush or semi flush surfaces, cleaning your premises gets easier. Dust, particle and bacterium proliferation is controlled. As the various high-risk areas of hospitals are regularly sanitized, our products offer high resistance to cleaning and sanitizing products. They also meet your needs in terms of resistance to shocks and scratches, as well as acoustic insulation. 


Our concern : your safety

To meet the requirements of fire engineering and regulations, our products are fire-certified. Incombustible panels come with an aluminium honeycomb or mineral wool core. Polyurethane core panels are nonflammable. Once assembled, the various components of your clean room create a safe envelope. 

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