Building a working environment for scientific innovation

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Two lines adapted to your working environments

The Dagard solutions, i.e. partitions, ceilings, doors, glazing and accessories, combine industrial design and high resistance to shocks, scratches and corrosion. Our totally flush or semi flush surfaces improve the cleanability of your premises. Dust, particle and bacterium introduction and proliferation are controlled.


Our concern : your safety


To meet the requirements of fire engineering and regulations, our products are fire-certified. Incombustible panels come with an aluminium honeycomb or mineral wool core. Polyurethane core panels are nonflammable. Once assembled, the various components of your clean room create a safe envelope.


Complying with hygiene and safety constraints


Controlling microbiological contamination, particle introduction and proliferation is vital to progress in biotechnology. To help you create an environment suitable for the development of biotechnology, we at Dagard provide you with the solutions specifically developed to the levels of cleanliness, airtightness and cleanability required.


Our Ultra Clean and Controlled Environment lines meet the needs of biotechnology. They integrate with each other according to your requirements, in compliance with the specificities of your construction project.


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