Europa UK A3

Europa cold rooms can be partitioned or coupled in different thicknesses and heights in order to realise either very simple or very complex configurations. They are expandible.
They are dedicated for all commercial or industrial applications. As each project is specific, we propose a full range of doors : hinged or sliding insulated doors, service doors, swinging doors. As doors are subject to hard request, they are designed for long term use, stringent working atmosphere and strong cleaning conditions.
Thông tin sản phẩm

Partitions and ceiling consist in panels with camlocks of thickness 60, 100 or 150 mm, with
iceberg white (close RAL 9010) powder-coated smooth steel facings and high density polyurethane
foam core, HCFC-free. Other coatings in option (stainless steel, PVC, PET, grey lacquered steel (close
RAL 9006)).
• Standard polyurethane foam core, High density, HCFC-free
Option : B,s2-d0
• Thermal conductivity λ = 0,023 W/m.K
• Density 40 kg/m3
• Uc value : 0,37 W/m².K in thk. 60 mm
Uc value : 0,22 W/m².K in thk. 100 mm
Uc value : 0,15 W/m².K in thk. 150 mm
Floors consist in panels with camlocks, thickness 60, 100 or 150 mm with high density
polyurethane foam core HCFC-free, lower facing in lacquered steel and upper facing :
• Standard : plywood 9 mm + phenolic resin with anti-skid hexagonal shape. (No rolling load).
• Option :
- PVC-coated floor : grey PVC-coated sheet 6/10th bonded on plywood 10 mm
- Non slipping aluminium reinforced plate (thk. 2 or 4 mm) on standard floor (for negative
temperature only)
- Stainless steel reinforced floor : embossed stainless steel 6/10th glued to CTBX plywood
reinforced with steel plate

Doors types
Insulated hinged door
• Leaf of thickness 60 mm in positive and 100 mm in
2 sides in white PET 55 μm scratch and corrosion
• Key lock with inside safety opening and striking
plate with electrical contact to light the room and stop
cooling once opening the door.
• Door frame with tubes for passage of cables
• Heater tape for negative temperature.
Insulated sliding door
• Leaf of thickness 60 mm in positive and 120 mm in
• White smooth lacquered steel facings
• Aluminium rail
• Inside and outside level handles
• Internal PVC protection and external stainless steel
rounded protection
• Door frame with thermal bridge break
• Heater tape for negative temperature
Service door
• Leaf of thickness 40 mm
• White smooth lacquered steel facings
• Inside and outside handles in white PVC
Swinging door
• Leaf of thickness 40 mm
• White smooth lacquered steel facings
• Anti-finger pinch seal on edge of door
• Vision panel 60 x 30 cm
Option : for powder-coated steel leaf,
colour according to the chart


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