Easy Bloc UK A3

Easy Bloc cells have all the advantages of Toundra cells and are equipped with an efficient cooling unit. They are available in 2 heights. Their design allows to install U shape shelvings from dimension 160 cm, and optimises the storage.

On the “depth side”, a panel with same width as door frame one, allows permutation of door location on site (according to dimensions, take care of shelvings).
The door is totally reversible (right/left), you select once installing. External face of the door is in PET non scratching and corrosion resistant for long term use.
Reduce width panels are easy to manipulate, even in narrow premises, and quick to install. Less than 2 hours required for 2 persons to install a cell.

Thông tin sản phẩm

Partitions and ceiling consist in panels with camlocks
• Thickness 60 or 100 mm
• Iceberg white (close RAL 9010) powder-coated smooth steel
• Standard polyurethane foam core, High density, HCFC-free
Option : B,s2-d0
• Thermal conductivity λ = 0,023 W/m.K
• Density 40 kg/m3
• Uc value : 0,37 W/m².K in thk. 60 mm
  Uc value : 0,22 W/m².K in thk. 100 mm
Floors consist in panels with camlocks

• Thickness 60 or 100 mm
• Lower facing : lacquered steel
• Upper facing : plywood 9 mm + phenolic resin with anti-skid hexagonal shape.
(No rolling load).
• High density polyurethane foam core, HCFC-free
• Inside : integrated rounded angles, radius 15 mm
• Outside : rounded angles and angle corners in the same colours as the handle, easily washable.

Refrigerating unit
The refrigerating unit is supported by a special panel
made in factory (locking recesses, hole for the run-off of
condensation water), integrating in negative temperature
a pressure compensation valve.

A choice of 6 models :
• 3 for positive temperature
• 3 for negative temperature

For optimal performance of the unit, we strongly advise
that a space of roughly 40 cm be left above the refrigeration
unit and/or that this room be mounted in well-ventilated

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