Door Line

Doors play a very important part in any installation. They need to be resistant to constant opening and
closing, to aggressive surrounding environments, to often hard cleaning conditions and to blows caused by
passing trolleys and trucks. They meet the stringent resistance and insulation criteria required by industrial
cold storage or retail trade areas of activity.
Dagard offers doors with lacquered galvanised steel facings but also with stainless steel facings or steel
facings coated with a PVDF lacquer, PVC film, PET complex or in polyethylene.
Hardware have been selected for their resistance in intensive uses. To contribute to the longevity of
your realizations, the follow-up of these parts is assured during many years.
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During the construction of an isothermal enclosure in sandwich panels, several criteria are to be taken into account
for the choice of doors.

Type of door and passageways
The type of door and its mode of opening must be appropriate
to the layout of premises and the use.

Clear opening
In order to determine the required dimensions of doors, it is
important to check on the use planned for the clear opening
(throughway for people, goods and equipment).

Thermal insulation
The doors possess different insulation characteristics. The
appropriateness of the type of door must be checked against
the constraints of the planned utilization.

Panel face / environment
The type of panel face will be selected depending on the
surrounding environment and on whether the door will be used
intensively or not.

Behaviour in fire
In cases where the enclosure has to meet specific fire
regulations, the door must be selected according to criteria of
fire reaction or fire resistance.

Specific utilizations, options
In cases of intensive or specific utilizations, the doors can be
fitted with options to enhance their performance or resistance:
door kick plates, tubular guards, automatic operations, track
openings ....

In order to customize, to identify your work spaces, to make
units more attractive, the colour of leaves can be selected on
the colour chart. (non contractual colour chart).

Polyethylene chart
According to the model, doors can be also mounted on
masonry. You will find this symbol on the concerned doors.

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