Coalescent Oil Separators

Coalescent Oil Separators

Temprite’s coalescent oil separators set the industry standard for energy-efficient performance. Unlike conventional separators, coalescent oil separators are not dependent on velocity for efficiency, maintaining the same level of effectiveness down to 20% of maximum flow.

  • The high-efficiency performance of coalescing oil separators means better heat transfer through the coils, translating into significant kW savings.
  • Coalescent oil separators are ideal for OEM applications where system cleanliness is paramount.

Temprite products are the solution to rising energy costs, extending system life and reducing carbon emissions.

Temprite products

Exceptional Performance Range

Temprite products improve refrigeration system thermal efficiency by minimizing oil and dirt in the system’s evaporator. The result is shorter compressor run times, reduced carbon emissions and energy consumption, and the highest possible return on investment.

Clean & Green Refrigerant Conversions & Retrofits

Changing to environmentally friendly refrigerants is a mandate in most countries. Make your system as clean and green as possible by converting or retrofitting with Temprite coalescent oil separators.

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