Service of Viet Engineering Co., Ltd include consulting, design, equipment supply, installation and construction works for:
- System for industrial refrigeration and commercial refrigeration;
- System of air conditioning and ventilation;
- System of cold storage and clean rooms;
- System freezing, frozen storage service for the processing industry and the seafood display and food ...
- Supermarkets and hypermarkets.

CViet Engineering Co., Ltd perform consulting, design and construction of electrical systems, systems display cabinets and cold food storage, cold storage, cold storage room, the equipment and spare parts for refrigeration systems, the system energy control, air conditioning systems, lighting systems, security, fire in the office buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, air conditioners for civil house and the center machines one step, two step for the industrial enterprises, commercial and civil engineering.

Viet Engineering Co., Ltd  is a supplier of maintenance services refrigeration systems ... With staff were professionally trained, high skills, Viet Engineering Co., Ltd  is leading in the field of maintenance of refrigeration systems for super marketing and hypermarkets: METRO, BIG C, SAIGON COOP., CITIMART, ...

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