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Tecnac Document

Tecnac Document

MPM catalog refrigeration 2017

MPM catalog refrigeration 2017

Ridel Engineering

Ridel Engineering


Brochure valves Castel

VEE Brochure

Viet Engineering Co., Ltd has been a leading company in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration industry in Vietnam.

Dagard Brochure

Founded in in 1951 in France, is a leading enterprise in the field of thermal insulation panels for cold storage, clean room & insulated constructions.

Johnson Controls Brochure

Founded in 1885 in the US, is one of the leading suppliers of solutions for comprehensive cold (supply, design, installation)

Bitzer Brochure

Founded in 1934 in Germany, is a manufacturer of leading compressor for refrigeration systems and air conditioners.

Products are imported genuine monopoly