The company was founded on 09.08.1995. Viet Engineering Co., Ltd  has been a leading company in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration industry in Viet Nam.
The fields of activity of the company:
  • Providing refrigeration solution package: consulting, design, equipment supply, complete installation, commissioning, warranty and maintenance products.
  • Supply compressors for freezing factorys, refrigeration systems and air conditioners
  • Supply clean room systems for hospitals, Medicine, laboratory, Cosmetics manufacturing industry and electronic manufacturing equipment.
  • Providing solutions for complete cold storage (warehouse and civil industrial warehouse) from 50 tons to 50,000 tons.
  • Supply complete solution for supermarkets: cold storage, refrigeration cabinets counters, Flake ice machines, shelves and equipment security.
  • Providing bakery equipment: ovens, mixers, air separation, composting facilities, fermenting, freezing wind equipment.
  • Supply Valves and accessories for refrigeration systems and air conditioners.
  • Provide system ice machine apply for the fields of display, distribution and sale of seafood, fresh food.
  • supply nugget ice machines for aboard fishing offshore fishing.
The company products are imported exclusively by genuine brands such as Bitzer, Johnson Control, Dargard, Castel, Maja, Bonnet Neve, ISA, HL, ...
The head office in Ho Chi Minh city and 3 branch offices located in Hanoi, Da Nang, Can Tho.

Products are imported genuine monopoly